Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WAIT for a train at a RAILWAY station

Physical needs
-food and beverages

Intellectual needs
-games to learn
-magazines and newspapers
-computers to surf the net

Emotional needs
-benches and sofas for people to sit

Social needs

Monday, January 18, 2010

Different types of drawing

-manga drawing
drawing cartoons with more detailed features in the eye,hair,body.
-cave drawing
draw to communicate and let people understand what they are elaborating
-technical engineering drawing
drawing the drafts of a crafts or structures,machines in a more detailed way
-cartoon drawing
drawing cartoons
-architectural drawing
drawing or sketching a drawing of a building
-doodling drawing
drawing in a very simple way usually drew with lines and shapes anyhow you like it
-charcoal drawing
drawing with charcoal
-perspective drawing
drawing in a perspective

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lesson 1-Group Reflection


Art is everything that interests us.Without it,our world would be filled with boredom.Art evokes human expressions and emotions.That is what's so special about art.It is regalement.


It is dependent on art.Because art is what it makes it to look attractive.The MacBook is a design,the classroom is a design and the iPod is a design.


It is the way humans communicate via technology.The newspaper is media,the magazine is media and the telephone is.


It is generally an advancement in our lifestyle.


It is actually anything that is surrounding you. Like a classroom,a park,your house,a habitat etc.It is actually where living things live or carry out their life processes.It is about ecology.
It is about the weather,the soil,nature,water and so on....
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